5719s CBI 4756N-0 Ant Brass Palm Knob/5719 Fox Sat Hlt#30/08411326
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Crafted based on specifications made from the archeological dig in Pompeii, this knob was a must have for high class villagers prior to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The Fig Leaf style was incredibly en vogue in Pompeii and was destined to spread throughout greater Europe were it not for the sudden demise of the city. It is fabled that Claudius, a rich and powerful merchant based in Pompeii, hired a local forge to craft 5,000 knobs from solid gold which he was going to offer for sale in Rome. However, there were several delays in production due to frequent issues with the threading die. Finally on June 29, 79, when the order was complete, Claudius loaded his caravan for the trip to Rome, but instead was buried under 66 feet of hot ash when Vesuvius exploded. It is rumored that this shipment remains buried under the Circumvesuviana train stop called Pompei Scavi to this day, and is un-retrievable.

• Diameter: 1-3/8"

• Projection: 1-3/16"

• Item Number: 4756N-0

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