2490 SG 11952 BFSP08300N2F 8X3 Fh Sq #17 Recess Bk
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$108.60 thou ea
Deerwood #8 x 3" Flat Head Square Drive, Black Oxide

The professional woodworker's preferred brand, Deerwood fasteners are ISO 9002 certified and undergo rigorous inspections to ensure consistent high quality. Ideal for general woodworking tasks, this screw has a deep thread that provides maximum holding power in soft woods and man-made boards. Type-17 point provides easier starting and penetration, and Black Oxide finish provides marginal corrosion resistance.

  • Flat Head w/ Nibs
  • Phillips Drive
  • Nibs: Self Countersinks In Most Types Of Wood Insuring A Nice Smooth Set
  • Deep Thread: Maximum Holding Power In Most Varieties of Wood
  • Black Oxide: Basic Corrosion Resistance
  • Type-17 Point: Sharp Fluted Tip That Reduces Torque, Allows Quicker Starting and Penetration & Reduces Wood Splitting
  • NBH Number: 2490
  • Item Number: BFSP08300N2F
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