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Jowat Jowatherm Edgebanding Hot Melt EVA Adhesive Pellets, Clear (44lbs. Bag)

Jowat Clearmelt 280.90 is a medium-high viscosity hot melt. Very economical with good color and heat stability in the melt.

  • Applications: Veneer, Solid Wood, Resin Impregnated Paper, PVC, ABS & Primed HPL

  • Application Temp: 190-210°C (374-410°F)

  • Feed Speed: 12-60 m/min (30-120 ft/min)

  • Basis: EVA (Ethylene - Vinyl Acetate)

  • Color: Clear

  • NBH Number: 1315
  • Item Number: 280.90

Sold In 44lbs. Bag