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Grass Dynapro Narrow Front Locking Device, Left

Attach front locking devices to the bottom of drawer boxes to engage and disengage Dynapro slides. Simply place drawer box on extended Dynapro slide and push in until it engages audibly. to disconnect drawer from slides, pull the drawer out, squeeze locking device levers and lift drawer from the slides.

Contains roller wheel controls for drawer side-to-side adjustment "±1.5 mm and wedge controls to adjust height +3.5 mm.

  • For Narrow Width Drawers (Minimum Inside Drawer Width 95 mm (3-3/4")
  • Pre-Drilling Recommended: 2.5 mm (3/32")
  • NBH Number: 9026
  • Item Number: F134100699233

*Sold Individually. Screws Not Included.